Our Story is About You

The Story of

Where We Started

We started our journey in 2012 as a promising tech startup with a small office and a bunch of like-minded people. In the first 3 years we have helped:

  • An attorney took her legal tech startup from $0 to $0.5 M in Annual Run Rate.
  • A 65-year-old financial consultant built his first tech company
  • A doctor in Houston launched the first HIPAA-compliant healthcare app.
  • A photo booth startup to get it ecommerce website to digitalize
    and monetize the traditional way of getting the photos.

The Story of

Where We are Now

We have come a long from evolving our knowledge around various verticals and technologies to expand our team of tech takes. The size and average length of our projects have increased significantly and so does our expertise. We feel about our journey and the clients we have served.

The Story of

Where We Are Heading Towards

The truth is that strategies and methods have changed so much over the years, and will keep evolving. But the story of where we are heading towards is clear: we want to make a real difference for our customers. Regardless of what the future may hold, we’ll be growing together with you.