Build A Fitness App That Surpasses User Expectations

Facing difficulty in boosting user satisfaction? Don’t worry, our health and fitness app development experts have got your back with.

Enhanced App

Capitalize on our mobile development expertise to create a visually appealing and user-friendly fitness app. Reduce app abandonment and increase revenues by ensuring a simple login process, smooth onboarding, and intuitive cross-platform navigation.

User Engagement

Get to the crux of user needs and reimagine the way you interact with users by banking on ML-fueled content and product recommendations, virtual workouts, location-based offers, and much more.

Ensured Rock-Solid

Our Backend expertise will develop a fitness app that is both robust and highly scalable with the ability to escalate to a virtually infinite number of users as your business grows.

Increased App

To ensure that user health and financial data is securely protected, we adhere to best practices such as OWASP, HIPAA, and PCI.

Our Feature-Rich Fitness App Development Services

Gym instruction app

Golpik will create a virtual gym trainer app for you that will help users blend fitness with a high level of interactivity. It will include videos and blogs made with solutions by fitness and nutrition expert trainer

Diet planning app

As a leading fitness app development company, our apps will provide users an integrated diet planning solution with access to various diet charts including supplement details and nutritional information.

Wearable apps

Make good use of wearable app by tracking the user fitness activities in accordance with their fitness goals and plans. These apps can be deployed on any platform or device of your choice.

Activity Tracking App

Let our fitness app development team build an app to record the continuous activities of the user. The users can keep track of their daily, weekly, or monthly statistics and observe the progress they have made since the beginning.

Gym partner app

Using our fitness app development services, users can also find a gym buddy nearby to accompany them to the gym. Users can also find a gym partner to accompany them to the gym by using our fitness app development services. This will motivate your users and raise your app’s popularity.

Yoga app

Yoga apps are becoming increasingly popular as more individuals want to make yoga a part of their daily lifestyle. Golpik can create an ideal fitness app for people interested in learning or practicing yoga, offering them daily curated classes that meet their needs.

A Fitness App Development Company You and Your Users Need

Enhance your level of fitness with the features that leverage a health lifestyle. We help empower users and encourage fitness for all ages.

  • Live
  • Geolocation
  • Trainer
  • User
  • Social
  • Personalized
  • Push
  • Food
  • Goal
  • Exercise
  • Class
  • Live
To deliver optimum experience for all types of users

We created 3 different panels with
customer centric features

A Handful of Fitness Applications We’re Proud of

Championship Marital

Martial Art App for Children

  • Host martial art videos
  • Allows activity and goal tracking
  • Enable Social Sharing for fitness updates

“It has always been a great experience working with Golpik. Highly recommended fitness app development agency”